Perfume - Vintage Bottle

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75ml Vintage perfume Bottle 

Available in Pink or purple 

* Patterns may vary based on availability 

Come conveniently already boxed ready to be gifted. 
Filled with your choice of Perfume from the fragrances below.
Or choose your own fragrance from the full fragrance list

please choose your colour and include in your notes when ordering. ( or colour will be chosen at random).   
* The Perfume  bottles come empty along with a 75ml sealed  bottle of perfume liquid to avoid leakage. 
All you need to do is fill the liquid in to the berfume bottle and your all set to go. 
* Please keep the perfume bottle up right to avoid any leakage. 



Perfume base to be used to make perfumes, room sprays/body sprays / car sprays

Rec load is 15%-25% but own testing is required depending on application type and fragrance type.

Simply use a mixing jug, measure base to % of your fragrance of choice, stir then decanter into your spray bottle.

Recommend to test patch area for skin sensitivity.

Contains alcohol , antioxidants , demineralised water.