Ultrasonic Diffuser - White Feather

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This White Feather Colour change Diffuser features a leaf Design that is also available in black.

The cover is made from metal, this could be a great alternative to a breakable material if you have children or pets that frequent your home.

The colour changing LED lighting creates a beautiful display as the Diffuser has a colour change button that allows you to control the colour options.

1. Continuously Rotate throughout all the colours

2. Set it on your fav colour

3. Have no colour at all.

It has 2 times settings Intermittent ( runs for Approx 10-12 hrs ) and full stream ( Approx 8-10 hrs)

Boasts Automatic switch off when the unit runs out of water.

To be used with tap water in conjunction with our Diffuser Fragrance Oils Or Essential Oil blends.